Our Corporate Team

The Team

Jef Welch  CEO

It is my extreme honor to fulfill the role of CEO at ATTEVA.

First and foremost is my passion for people, cultures around the world, and the tremendous opportunity it brings to those who see the power of the home-based business model in affiliate marketing. In my professional opinion we are entering the greatest moment in history for individuals to establish security within the dynamics of Relationship Marketing for our Brand Partners by providing natural products that enhance and impact individual’s and family’s health.

My long-term obsession in bringing awareness to safe, no-harmful products and ingredients is unquestionably an alignment. I share with ATTEVA’s Social Responsibility objectives established around organic, non-GMO sourcing, as well as the importance in triple testing every ingredient that enters our manufacturing partner’s warehouses for efficacy and purity. We have criteria’s which must be met to fit the demands in product purity to provide the best possible products for our customers.

Having experience in this industry for over 42 years, and traveling to 73 countries establishing networks of customers and entrepreneurs as a distributor in Direct Sales, and being CEO of various businesses over the years has equipped me for this amazing opportunity with ATTEVA. This will also be showcased in the training, tools and systems we provide our brand partners to help them be successful.

At ATTEVA the Customer is our priority by bringing leading edge health and wellness products to the market coupled with opportunity for those who appreciate a Company with their best interests and well-being as the #1 Priority.. A company that values its customers and brand partners and places value in providing natural products that actually work, is what our industry deserves.

ATTEVA literally means “at-nature,” (Teva meaning “nature”). Our endeavor to participate in preservation of renewable resources.  A focus on being a 100% carbon-free, environmentally conscious company enters into every decision made at ATTEVA. Sustainable, natural, organic, non-GMO sources, without harmful ingredients require the best experts in scientific development using natural ingredients.

ATTEVA is a company that has been planned and strategized for over my entire career. It is a culmination of my 42 years of leadership in direct sales. It’s about positively changing lives for our customers and brand partners, and I’m proud to help lead Atteva.

Trahlita Welch

Executive Administrative Assistant

Trahlita has a B.S. degree in Health Management and carries several additional degrees and certifications in the medical field. She has been a nurse as well as being an administrator in the hospital industry with approximately 500 employees to manage. Her unique interest in health and nutrition with a passion for clean ingredients combined with her medical experience is invaluable to ATTEVA’s message. Her expertise is in organizational skills and efficiencies, as well as her extreme loyalties toward accomplishing goals.


Becky Boyd

Customer Service Director

Becky Boyd has over 18 years experience in Customer Service and operations and has served as the Director of Accounting of a $100 million International Direct Sales Company. Becky has been employed by Best In U, Inc as head of Customer Service from 2012 to 2020. Her responsibilities included Customer Service and Relations, payments, accounting and affiliate relations. She has also managed back office operations for Best In U vendor partnerships and served as the super administrator.


Antonella Moretti

Creative Services

Antonella Moretti graduated from the University of North Georgia with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Her goal is to achieve a Masters degree in Marketing in the upcoming years. She has a passion for a good design and prides herself for paying attention to detail. She has a wide skill set in the field and is always willing to learn new things!