Our Story

ATTEVA means @nature. The Company was founded in 2020. Michael Wiedder is ATTEVA’s founder and has previous experience in owning a successful worldwide company in Direct Sales. He then committed himself to establish Heroes and Hope, a non-profit foundation. He was contacted by a person from the Company he previously owned regarding a product line he thought would potentially be great for Direct Sales. 

Michael decided to put together a new company, ATTEVA, to take these products to market.  After several months of interviewing executives to build the new Company, he decided on Jef Welch as the CEO. 

Jef has had over 40 years of experience in Direct Sales, including as the CEO of a Company and Master Distributor of several others, and is well known as a successful international leader in the industry and profession.

Jef’s passion and international successes have been in promoting and marketing natural products with no potentially harmful ingredients. After meeting with the original formulators and sampling the initial product, Jef knew it did not meet his standards in providing the best products for our Customers and Brand Partners. ATTEVA’s top formulators procured the purest ingredients to develop products that were natural, organic, and best in their class. 

ATTEVA is where science meets nature. In addition to our mission of educating people around the world about natural, non-toxic products, ATTEVA is committed to developing products to optimize health to improve the quality of life for families around the world.