About Us


We were meant to live in a clean and pristine environment, and over time reality has been hard for people to thrive in. It’s time we return to taking care of ourselves. It’s time to look back at nature.


At ATTEVA, we are committed to health with a natural path to wellness. Health isn’t found in just products but is a shift in lifestyle choices. We are here to help you on that path to superior health and well-being naturally.

ATTEVA products are specifically formulated with high-quality ingredients to help you reach and maintain your optimal health goals.

Helping you to reach those target health goals and to maintain them is part of ATTEVA’s mission.

While approximately 60% of people are unaware of their food choices to their health-related issues, processed foods do have an extreme impact on your health. Many nutritional products, foods, and snacks are filled with various unhealthy preservatives, petroleum ingredients, and carcinogens (cause cancer). Your decision to integrate the ATTEVA system of health is both a jump-start and a maintenance program in your transformation to wellness.

ATTEVA - Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is synonymous with the Mission of ATTEVA. 

At ATTEVA we embrace being ethical and fulfilling our civic duty to benefit the whole of society, being responsible for egalitarian initiatives and opportunity, as well as being protectors of the environment.

While corporate Social Responsibility is Person-Centric, making organizational behavior priority has become our purpose to be an example for all our Brand Partners, which are independent representatives of ATTEVA. 

We see the importance of behavioral standards, developed within our culture with our Clients (Brand Partners and ultimately our Customers). All decisions are with the best interests of ATTEVA Clients, starting with clean, quality sourced ingredients in all of our products. We take extra care in assuring all ingredients we use are non-GMO, free from all herbicide, pesticide and insecticide residues.

Our initiative for cleaner air, oceans, as well as the soil our ingredients are grown in, our goal is to not just have a diminished carbon footprint as a company, but to offset the impact on the environment by actively participating in diminishing waste and in cleaning up our oceans and waterways, planting trees, and supporting global initiatives which are trusted and legitimate organizations. ATTEVA’s name is synonymous with nature, and is a reflection of the common overall benefit of humanity and our planet. 

Social Responsibility is not per definition a tool or ploy to boost monetary profits, but rather a Community Catalyst in developing and maintaining a global culture of passion and compassion, characteristic of a company that cares. 

Thank you for bonding with ATTEVA and our Brand Partners, as together we can all strive to becoming more socially responsible in making this world a better place. Feel your best. Look your best. Be your best. Be ATTEVA. 

The ATTEVA Social Responsibility endeavor includes us all participating together to make a difference. 


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